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There are many options of fitness trackers that you can buy on the market. One of them is SYNC Fit Fitness Band. It is an innovative product that will capture calorie burn by combining intensity of movement and heart rate measurement. It will always tell you many calories are burned daily. It can detect how many steps you have walked and how far you have gone that will show you a complete view of your daily movement. To operate this product, you can download WeGo on iOs and Android app to sync app. After that you are ready to track and view and analyze the result.  SYNC Fit Fitness Band can be your fitness partner that enables you to participate in extensive community to communicate, encourage, inspire and challenge each other.


If SYNC Fit Fitness Band is compared with GPS reading, SYNC Fit Fitness Band reading is a little slow with the mileage.  If is also compared with heart rate monitor on treadmill, the difference of heart rate reading is almost the same. A customer review said that their SYNC Fit Fitness Band  wasbroken after they used it for couple of month. This condition show that this tracker does not have good quality. However, the information of burned calories on SYNC Fit Fitness Band is accurate enough. In addition, SYNC Fit Fitness Band is water resistant so you can wear it while you are swimming because it can avoid water up to 30 m.

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Now let we see pros and cons about this product:


It is water resistant up to 30M

It can capture taken steps and traveled distance

It can track and monitor activities by showing hourly, daily and weekly result

It will keep you informed by checking your progress along the day



There is no backlight and the screen is so small that makes the product difficult enough to use.

Strap fastening looks very clumsy

The reading is rather inaccurate

The battery does not last long



If we look at customer review on, SYNC Fit Fitness Band gets 3 point out of five stars. It is not bad rating if you are a newbie in using fitness tracker. Even though it is less accurate,  SYNC Fit Fitness Band still makes you aware of your health condition and more motivated to do and work more.  It makes you conscious of your daily activities so that it will keep you stay alarmed.


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