Great Reviews Smart Fitness Watch Bluetooth with Heartbeat Sensor Calorie Counter Pedometer For iPhone and Android IOS Phone (Electric Blue)

People are now more aware of their health condition. The rise of the awareness is supported by the development of technology innovation. There many gadgets created to increase people’s attention to their health. One of latest innovations is fitness tracker that functions to monitor human body conditions.  If you are looking this kind of gadget, maybe you can try Smart Fitness Watchfrom Electric Blue

Smart Fitness Watchfrom Electric Blue is produced by Electric Bulecompany. Smart Fitness Watch Bluetooth is equipped with Bluetooth, heart beat sensor, calorie counter and pedometer.   This product is compatible with Abdroid IOS phones and iphones (at least Android 4.4, and  IOS 7.1 such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or higher)

Smart Fitness Watchfrom Electric Blue will help you to keep in shape because it gives you information about body health condition and motivates to do more. Smart Fitness Watch Bluetooth will track your steps, burned calories and walked distance. This can help you to review your fitness goal. Besides, it also can monitor your sleep. It will show you the amount of time you already spend to sleep, including light and deep sleep duration, by using its health software.

Smart Fitness Watchfrom Electric Bluealso provides a reminder.  It will remind you thing that you have to do for keeping your body healthy.  There are wake up reminder, sedentary reminder, dringking reminder and in-call reminder. This Smart Fitness Watch is made of  TPU Polymer composite materials. It has amazing features like light, high damage resistance and high resistant.  There are a variety of color options and the quality of coloring is good which will not fade.  In addition, it is comfortable to wear on your wrist. The battery can last about fifteen days in standby mode.


  • It has cool reminders to keep us aware
  • It provides good customer service: sending a new one or refund if you have problem with the device
  • It has a good design
  • It has OLED screen


  • It has a little information provided by customer review
  • It can be watched only with a dedicated app



Smart Fitness Watchfrom Electric Blue is a nice choice for you who like to improve your awareness concerning your health condition. It will automatically remind you some important activities. The information about this product is very limited. There is only one customer review on about Smart Fitness Watch Bluetooth. This product only gets 3 points out of five stars.


buy Smart Fitness Watch Bluetooth with Heartbeat Sensor Calorie Counter Pedometer For iPhone and Android IOS Phone (Electric Blue)


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