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fitness braceletHaving fitness tracker is useful, especially for those who put health as their concern. This tool helps you to monitor and measure you physical activity. If you have fitness goal, then choose one tool that can complete you doing the goal. The right tracker helps you to achieve specific goals. The types of tracker is also various. You can choose the one that is simple, or the sophisticated.

Choosing the Right One

There are some things to consider when choosing fitness trackers. One thing is knowing your goals. This tool can motivate people to achieve their goals of fitness, then choosing the right one that push you to achieve the goals is the right strategy. Each tracker will have their own feature and design that support your activities. If you like swimming, for instance, choose the one that is water resistance, then.

The standard feature of tracker is calories and steps track. You may also find sleep monitoring, accelerometer or altimeter to know how many stairs you climb each day. GPS trackers is used to know the distance you take when running, cycling, or hiking. Yet, you need to remember that GPS relies on signals to work. It may take longer time to work and to lock your location.

What to Choosefitness bracelet

Fitness tracker is like a personal trainer for you. The great one is that it can work for 24/7. One product you can try is UP3 by Jawbone Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker, Ruby Cross (Red). This tracker will track your heart rate day and night, and during your sleeping time. Well, but it is not just activity tracker. It is completed with integrated system, data science, and also sophisticated algorithms to give you better understanding on your habits and behaviors. UP will help you to analyze your activity, your eating, and sleep patterns. It then helps you to make a better choice.

This tracker uses multi sensor technology that will capture your passive heart rate and resting heart rate. Passive Heart Rate will be measured along the day when your body is still, while the Resting Heart Rate will be measured once a day, before you wake up. It also uses algorithms and accelerometer to track your calories, idle time, active time, distance, and activities. It even can detect your stages of sleep, Wake stage, REM, Light stage, and Deep stage.

fitness wristband

Some customers give their critical review on this product. First thing is that this tracker is not waterproof, though they claim it to be waterproof. For those who are swimmer, you need to check this feature. This fitness tracker has the D ring. One customer finds that the ring is painfully dig. It makes you uncomfortable when wearing it. It leaves marks to your wrist. They also find that the body temperature and heart rate tracker do not function. They find no software updates on that, or any indications that show the feature exists. This comes in various material and size, choose the one that suits with your wrist and your skin.


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