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When choosing blood pressure monitor for home, involve your doctors or the expert to choose the one for you. Ask them for recommendation, which product and brand that can be easily applied for your home. There will be so many choices of monitors, but the most important consideration when choosing one is whether the monitors are accurate or not. That is the right one.


How to Choose the Right One

You will find wide range of choices of blood pressure monitors. The best one today is the digital one, and choose automatic blood pressure monitors that can measure your blood pressure at your upper arm, not at finger or wrist. This monitor will give you more consistent and accurate blood pressure. This kind of monitor will have a cuff, that you have to wrap it around your arm. If the cuff is not fit, or it has wrong size, the reading of blood pressure will not be accurate and correct. Thus, measure your upper arm, and choose the right cuff from the chart that is available in blood pressure monitor.
The most important thing that must be in your monitor is the accuracy of it. Choose the one that has been validated, or the one that is based on the recommendation of your professional healthcare.
What to Choose
One recommended monitor for you is LifeSource Blood Pressure Screen with AccuFit Extra Large Cuff. There are some great things you will find in this product. The first one is that the product fit for those who have large arms. The extra large cuffs will fit for arms with 16-1/2 to 23-3/5 inches arms. The size is then ideal for large arms. For those who are weight lifters, bariatric patients, football players, or body builders will be comfortable when using this cuffs. The cone shaped cuff will give comfort and of course accuracy. The monitor can be used for all-size cuffs.
LifeSource blood pressure monitor will give you reliability, speed, and also convenience. This accurate, you can compare it with stethoscope reading method. The great one is that this monitor can help you track the readings. Thus, if you want to see any patterns shown by the blood pressure you can watch the last 60 measurements. An alert shown when it finds irregular heartbeat. Yet, it still provides you with accurate pulse rate and blood pressure reading.
This monitor is easy to use, especially for those who are not professional or the trained one, you can still can read the blood pressure and pulse level easily. The extra-large display will make you operate and understand it with ease.
Yet, some customers find some flaws, especially flaws in its cuffs. One customer finds that the cuff cannot fit for people with 21” arms, though they note that it can fit until 23”. Another customer finds that the cuff is too big for them. One customer tries to compare the traditional method with this digital method, and find that this is not accurate, since they have problem with the cuffs of the blood pressure monitor.

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