Cheap Striiv Fusion Bio Activity Smartwatch, Black/Red/Denim Blue, One Size

The item so elegant and so beautiful with some of the features available in this small appliance, so useful for those of you who loved sports and activities that are so dense. These objects can see the situation of your body and provide a satisfactory service to monitor your health. Striiv Fusion Bio superior Striiv Fusion Lite, and Striiv Fusion because the facilities are more complete and have a different shape with Striiv Fusion Lite and Striiv Fusion.Bio Fusion Striivmonitor the condition of your heart rate when you wear it and move in your daily life. With Heart Rate Monitor (on-demand and automatic resting heart rate), you can see directly the condition of your heart and be able to set the pattern for the sport and your activities.

In this small tool, can measure the distance, your steps in walking, running, the length of time you walking and you can monitor the amount of calories burned from your sports activities. You will feel satisfied and happy when your weight down and you will find out how strong you are running, how far you run, and so you can see how far you advance only with this small tool.

A good sleep pattern, it will make your body fresh and stamina you repopulate. Bio Fusion Sleep Striiv has a sleep quality monitor that useful to you so that your body is maintained and healthy, with the settings specified time, you will get such great benefits of this small stuff. Call and text notifications are useful when there is a call and incoming messages. This tool will inform you of calls from people you know. And the added features of the App notification connecting Striiv Fusion Bio with your smartphone and tell you about the notification of the application on your smartphone, so you will not get left behind information while doing the activity.

With touch screen technology and also has a music control function smartphone that lets you adjust and choose the songs you want and there are alarm vibrate to remember you perform an activity and Striiv Bio Fusion is still a lot more functions. With a battery life for 5 days, weighs 4.8 ounces, and has a size of 5.2 x 0.5 x 0.3 inches splash-proof and sweat-proof, wristband type eyeloop band, swappable wristband (3 colors included: Black, Red, Denim Blue). The Striiv Bio Fusion requires a compatible smartphone or tablet. Get a better understanding of how much activity you’re doing each day and stay motivated to Make improvements to your health. Price Striiv Fusion Bio Activity Smartwatch $169,26 and free shipping. Supported operating system Striiv Fusion Bio is aApple iOS 7.1 and newer, android 4.4 and newer, windows Phone 8.1. In the box there are 1 tracker module, 3 wristbands, 1 clasp, 1 charging cradle, 1 micro USB cable, 1 quick start guide.

buy Striiv Fusion Bio Activity Smartwatch, Black/Red/Denim Blue, One Size

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