Cheap Acc U Rate Pro Series CMS 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with silicon cover

There are many great innovations in health improvement. One of them is  A pulse oximeter. This  unit is a device that monitors the level of oxygen in bloodstream. It will make sound if some troubles of unhealthy condition occur. If the device sounds, a doctor or any person in charge can have about three minutes to  protect the patient from heart failure and brain damage. This kind of device is necessary to help you aware of your beloved sick families or patients. It gives information of critical condition of sick people that depend on the level of oxygen in bloodstream. Hydrogen starvation can be detected by this device.


There are many options of pulse oximeters on the market. One of them ZacurateCMS 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.  Cms 500DL is reliable nad very accurate. It can determine blood oxygen saturation level, pulse strength and pulse  rate only in ten seconds. This can be displayed on a big digital LED screen.  This device can be also used by sports and health enthusiasts. Skiers, mountain climbers,  pilots or anyone who needs to measure their  blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate can use this device.


CMS 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is manufactured so specially that it meets CE and FDA standards in making pulse oximeter. This is the only LED pulse oximeter that fully identify  spO2value. This device can be used by any ages because of its smart spring system in its finger chamber.  It provides accessories like two AAA batteries, a silicone cover for its protection. The quality is quaranteed until one year.The device is user friendly; when we want to check a reading, we only need to clip it in a finger and turn it on by pressing a button. It will display the results of the reading. It size is small that makes us easy to carry around.



The reading is accurate’

It is compact and light

It suit any finger sizes

It has battery indicator

It performs fast readings, five seconds



It is not water resistant

The design is not sleek

It is not rechargeable



Perhaps, CMS 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is the best choice on the market. It gets 4.6 out of five stars on from customer reviews.  If you buy this device, we will not regret it because many customers have already proved its quality and durability as you can see on


buy Acc U Rate® Pro Series CMS 500DL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with silicon cover, batteries and lanyard (Blue)


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