Best Buy Xtreme Cables XFit Fitness Watch for Smartphones

Xtreme Cables XFit Fitness Watch

Xtreme Cables XFit Fitness Watch is  a wireless activity tracker that can function as digital watch and track steps, burned calories, distance, active time. The screen of  Xtreme Cables XFit Fitness Watch can display live progress. It nees an app to set up and to recoed the history of tracking. This digital watch is compatible with an apple OS, IOS 6+, such as iPhone 4S, 5C, 5, 5S, 6 Plus, 6, iPad 3,  iPad Mini,  iPod Touch (Gen 5 or above).  It also can run on  Android 4.3+ such as Samsung Galaxy S3, s4, s5. Bluetooth is used to sync data wirelessly. This gadget is so affordable that you can get it only for $ 41 on  Xtreme Cables XFit Fitness Watchis a tool to trace our daily activities and also to monitor our sleep. We can estimate the number of calories that are burned for one day.  It can suit any size of wrists since we can adjust the band.

To Install and configure

To start the Xtreme Cables XFit Fitness Watch, you need to charge the device for about an hour.  To do this charge, you have to unlock the back of the band and take out the tracking device. After that, plug in a usb cable to the device and charge it with a laptop or any other ways.  Thelight on  device will keep flasing when it is charging and when it finishes the light will go solid.  After you finish charging you can put the tracking device back into the band.

Put you or wrist and adjust it to the size of yours.  After that, you need to download an app in  After you download and install the device,  you have to open the app and turn on your personal information  and when you are done press to confirm.  Press the tracking device until the blue light flashing.  Then, press the connect button on the app and choose your device on your screen.  And then press ok. If you want to go to sleep you can turn it to the sleep mode by pressing the button on Xtreme Cables XFit Fitness Watch until the bule light turns off. To return the mode, you can do vice versa.



Some costomer reviews indicate that they are satisfied with Xtreme Cables XFit Fitness Watch. The battery can last up to 13 days. They also think that the device is accurate. However, some also say that it was less accurate after they use it for several weeks.


  • The band can be widely adjustable
  • Afforadle
  • Accurate tracking
  • Long battery life
  • Sync data with app via bloototh
  • An LED mode indicator


  • No waterproof
  • No display for second, only hours and minutes
  • Driving acticity is still counted as steps
  • Usual design
  • Not user friendly if you are a newbie



If you are a stylish person and newbie in tracking device and you want to buy one, maybe it does not suit you.


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