Best Buy Misfit Shine 2 Band, Replacement Stainless Steel Wrist Band/strap for Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker & Sleep Monitor (Mesh Black + Mesh Golden, Shine 2 Band Metal)

Many people like to change the bands of their tracker because they think it is not as good as they think.  It just does not fit their style and it does not feel comfortable. Therefore they tend to find new kinds of bands that are more modern and stylish. So, if your strap band is broken or you are bored with your band of you mistif shine 2 tracker, you can change with a new one. It does not have to be an original product from mistif because the options may not vary in color and style. You can pick one from other producers such as Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands  from ECSEM.




ECSEM is a manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China and built in 2009. It formed an amazing full-service system which covers R&D, manufacturing, domestic and international trading. In the beginning, ECSEM only sell bluetooth headset supplies. Now, they are selling various range of products.  Over eighty percent of products already get ISO9001:2000 quality system certificate. The products have passed many prestigious authentications, such as BQE, CE,. In terms of environmental protection,  the products also have met the ROHS directive requirements, and many products have done the ROHS testing report! So our customers do not need to worry about the quality and safety of the products. The products are popular enough among international customers because they are widely used in many places. The reputation and popularity are because of its distributors and agents in China. It also expose its products to international customers all over the world like in North America, Europe, southeast Asia.


Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands

The latest product from ECSEM is Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands. This product is suitable to replace original mistif shine 2 bands, but not for other models. It suit for personal wearing and can be a nice gift for friends and family. If you are bored with the original bands or you lost the bands, you can replace it with Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands. It is comfortable for sports time, and it will make you look good. It is comfortable and you can adjust the size so it will fit any wrist. This product of Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands uses environmental protection and stainless steel materials. Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands have a variety of colors that can personalize your style.



It is made of steel materials

It is adjustable

It is comfortable

It is stylish



There are no testimonies from customers because the product is new



If you are looking for new replacement bands for your Mistif Shine 2, Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands can be your nice choice. Because the product of Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands is new and no customers review o, we are not really sure about the quality and endurance of Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands from ECSEM. But if you want to try, Mistif Shine 2 Wristbands is good choice because this product is manufactured in a quality and popular company in China.

buy Misfit Shine 2 Band, Replacement Stainless Steel Wrist Band/strap for Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker & Sleep Monitor (Mesh Black + Mesh Golden, Shine 2 Band Metal)


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