Best Buy AccuMed CMS-50D1 Pulse Oximeter Finger Pulse Blood Oxygen SpO2 Monitor

AccuMed  CMS-50D1 Pulse Oximeter Finger Pulse Blood Oxygen SpO2 Monitor w/ Carrying case, Landyard & Battery FDA CE Approved (Black)

Pulse oximeters is used to monitor the oxygen level in the body. It is small and light that can be used for home activities .beside the amount of oxygen, t also can display pulse rate. Pulse Oximeter is invented in 1995 by nonin. By monitoring oxygen circulation in your body, it will help you to measure and adjust the oxygen flow in your own house when you are getting involved in socialactivities and axercise.   Many companies produce many kind of product of pulse oximeter.

One of them is AccuMed CMS-50D1 Pulse Oximeter. It  is a very good choice for people who like to exercise like athletes and for people who want to monitor  their heart rate and blood oxygen circulation. AccuMed CMS-50D1 Pulse Oximeter is user friendly device which is affordable enough.  Eventough it is cheap enough, you will get some benefits. One of the advantages is that it can provide  good results  for heart and oxygen saturation on the display of LED.  Its battery life is great since it turns off when it is not used for 5 seconds.It is partly made from rubber material which is intended for avian users and sports. It is sold on for$29.99.


Accumed’s business core is developing and commercializing innovative devicess for interventional medicine. In the current period, the company sells two kinds of devices  : trans-radial catheterization accessories  and intra-luminal measuring devices  . The company sells its products via regional distributors and multi-national companies which specialize in medical tools. If you buy AccuMed CMS-50D1 Pulse Oximeter, you will one year warranty offered by AccuMed.  The package of the product includes lanyard, 2 AAA batteries, and convenient carrying case


  • It is low power consumption and it is efficient to conserve battery.
  • It gets high points from amazon customer riviews, 4.6 out of five
  • It gives two free batteries and carrying cae
  • It is easy to operate
  • The price is affordable


  • Some customer reviews show that it is less accurate


In brief, AccuMed CMS-50D1 Pulse Oximeteris amazing device that you can put on your list. It will keep you aware of your health condition that make you more motivated to keep in shape. Because it gets many positive feedback for the customers, you should not doubt about the quality of the product. It gets 4.6 out of five stars


buy AccuMed® CMS-50D1 Pulse Oximeter Finger Pulse Blood Oxygen SpO2 Monitor w/ Carrying case, Landyard & Battery FDA CE Approved (Black)

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